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When Should You Book Your Senior Portrait Session?

Do you have a Junior in the house?  It's that time of year to start thinking booking Senior Portraits if you haven't already!  Booking a year or two in advance is always encouraged to ensure your dream photographer will not be booked out when its your Seniors turn, if not, the sooner the better!  The Summer and Fall are the most popular times to schedule your Senior Portrait Session however, what are the best days and times to book?  Most would think on a weekend when you and your Senior are free, however I would strongly disagree and here is why:

Most Seniors like to go to one of their favorite places or a popular place where others have been photographed.  The problem with booking a session on a weekend or weeknight is, several other people have the same idea causing ideal spots within that location to be in use or there just is a crowd of people (and dodging crowds is not ideal).  For example, our featured image this week on our blog is on of our U of D Jesuit High School Seniors from 2022; They loved the space around downtown Detroit especially down Woodward AVE.  Woodward Ave is typically a very busy area on a weekend or weeknight, however, it is pretty empty at 9am on a weekday.  We had free rein over the area and it was very easy for us to wander and create some great images for his Senior Portraits.  This makes for a much more pleasurable experience for you and your Senior.

Many locations are extremely packed on a weeknight or weekend; popular parks, University Campus', popular cities, apple orchards ect.  You want your Senior to have a great experience and not feel rushed in any way thats why booking your session in the morning or early afternoon during a weekday is the best time to schedule your session.  Make a day of it and make it all about them, you wont regret it and they will have a great experience before they move onto the next chapter of their life.

If you have any questions or are ready to book a Senior session contact us now for more information!  We are currently booking 2024, 2025, 2026 and 2027 Seniors!