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You post on your local facebook group "Recommendations for a Senior Photographer" and you get 20 responses from local photographers with their business page; How do you choose?  In a time where the cost of living is increasing you would think "I'll pick the cheapest photographer" however, you couldn't be more wrong.  You wouldn't choose a cheaper car with safety issues over the more expensive car with all the safety features would you?  Choosing a photographer to capture a big milestone in your child's life should be no different; you get what you pay for. 

Lets narrow this down, out of those 20 photographers, how many sent you more than just a price list?  Did any of those photographers explain what you are getting when they chose them for X amount of money (and we are not talking about you get one hour one outfit at a location, ect.).  Do they explain the process and the experience from the time you book them to the time you receive the product in your hands?  Are they asking questions to get to know your Senior to create some amazing memorable images of this time in their life?  

These are important things to think about when you are looking for a photographer, it is worth looking into the photographer that is more expensive but is explaining their services and what to expect from start to finish vs just receiving a price list with no context.  When choosing SD Photography you will instantly receive our experience guide where you can get to know me and my background, what to expect and when to expect it along with our Senior Investment Pricing.  You will also be sent a registration form to fill out that asks important questions for us to get to know your Senior and what their interests are and the type of session they are looking for along with sections for you to fill out on products you are looking for along with our Product Catalog.  We do not believe in set packages when it comes to printed work as everyones needs are different and we want you to get exactly what you want with our build your own packages.

I have been photographing youth for 12 years with extensive experience photographing and creating amazing graphics for athletes and Seniors.  Lets create some amazing artwork that you can hang in your home and showoff to your family.  Spots are filling up quickly for the remainder of 2023 but its never too early to book your Seniors Session for the coming years!  Why wait, and book today!