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A Senior Athlete in the midst of the pandemic

I am going to take you back a few years and showcase one of our Senior Athletes that did not get to play their Senior Year due to the World Wide Pandemic in 2020.  Devon, a Milford High School Senior had played baseball his entire life, starting out in the local youth league and quickly moving to travel where he would go onto Cooperstown; the most sought after and exclusive baseball tournament for the 12U age bracket.  Imagine dedicating your whole live to a sport to not be able to have your last hurrah before entering into the adult world, for many it was devastating.  We however, were able to create several baseball composite images and single baseball images to help ease the pain of missing out on his last season and we had a lot of fun doing it.

Many Student Athletes today have worked on and played a single sport their entire life and this should be celebrated and captured during their Senior Session.  Now why would you want to get more sports photos if you have a whole drawer of photos from over the years of your athlete playing their sport?  Well what I create is something that not only have you not received at your team picture day before, you will want to hang on your wall and show off to your family and friends.  You can add on a Sports Session to our Premium and Platinum Senior Investment Packages or if you have already taken your Senior Portraits with another photographer you can still book us for a Sport Session. 

Our Sports Composite Sessions typically take about an hour in studio and we can create any kind of sports composite, in motion composite or single image composite of your choosing.  Our In Studio Composite Sessions are not only for Sports, we can do any activity that your Senior is passionate about.  We also do not just limit these sessions to Seniors, athletes of any age can schedule a Composite Session with us, however, we do recommend that the athlete be at least of Middle School age.  To view our Sports/Artist Gallery click here.

We do also offer Live Action Composites, where we come to your game, invitational or meet and photograph several images and create a composite.  For More information on Live Action Composite please click here and scroll down to Live Action Composites.  You can also view our Live Action Composite Gallery Here.

For More information about scheduling Senior Portraits and/or a Sports/Artistic Composite session please contact us.  If you are interested in us taking your Senior Portraits/Sports Composites for your future Senior do not delay, contact us today as spots are limited each year.  It's never too early to book your spot to ensure that we take your Seniors Pictures.  Currently Booking 2024, 2025, 2026 and 2027 Seniors!